Here is what participants told us about camp:

"The camp had fun activities and was good for keeping me engaged. Learning by first having a demonstration of something you can't explain was very motivating. "
" The best thing about camp was the things that I learned, but most importantly the great insight I received from the guest speakers. Also the really cool labs like the ice cream one. "
" The best things about the camps is doing the activities and learning from them. It was fun experiencing it with new people. "
" I learned a lot of new things that I didn't really know and it's really helping me. "
" The best thing was that it was not a repeat of things I learned at school. I loved how the camp was divided into experiments, breaks, labs, and then discussions so it's not boring. The teachers and assistants were the best part. They were really nice and extremely helpful. I really liked them a lot, and I would love to see them again! "
" The best thing about camp was the people and the demonstrations of the ways that psychics works in the real world. "
" The thing I like best about camp were the labs where we allowed to interact with other girls. "
" I liked the teachers, the demonstrations, the labs, learning without being graded. "
" I think the best thing was getting to work with different people on tasks that we were all trying to reach the same goal. "
" The teachers here really cared more about if we understood the concept of the idea than just getting the right answer. It was great! "
" The instruction was excellent. I learned so much and am so thankful. "
" The instruction was very problem solving based which I enjoyed. "
" I loved how the teachers broke down the complex explanations and helped you one-on-one. "
" The instructors were very understanding. Although it was tough, there was always a TA or teacher ready to help us wherever we got stuck. "
" I liked that we were able to move at our own pace and when we needed help it was readily available but we could still work through it on our own. "
" I liked how Mr. Brown asked why things happened and cared more about that I concept than if I got the answer right. "
" I liked how the activities weren't boring. They kept you active. The best part was that you're having fun and learning at the same time. Physics just opens your mind and gives you a new point of view. "
" I liked that each activity was unique, new, different, and in every way will help me succeed in physics. "
" I really liked how there were no grades because there wasn't any pressure, and it was purely learning with no stress. I also really liked the staff (teachers, assistants, etc.). They were extremely nice and helpful, and I really enjoyed learning from them. The teacher assistant panel and the two ladies who discussed about college were extremely helpful. "
" I liked the group aspect of the labs. Getting to interact with other people and learn their perspective was a really great way to learn from the labs and from the people around you. I also really enjoyed the no grade policy, coming from a very competitive grade based school, it allowed me to let loose and learn freely. "
" The teachers gave us an opportunity to figure it out ourselves instead of immediately swooping in with the answer. "
" I liked how it was very hands on and you're mind was open to figuring things out on its own through experiencing the concepts instead of just being told everything. "
" I liked that if we got lost at a certain point in the activities, there was always someone around to help. Everyone was really friendly and nice, this camp had a very friendly and helpful environment. "
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