DISD Expo2


It closed Saturday, February 4 Dallas hosted the largest exhibition of STEM in the state and Design Connect Create was there. The event was held at the Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center Kay and hosted 150 fun-filled activities Practices and exhibitions inspired, they stimulated and motivated students, teachers and for parents to explore the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The Design Connect Create stand it was full of students and their parents trying to connect creativity with functionality to win the challenge "Will It Float". Each contestant creates a boat from a small square of foil imagined could contain 20 cents before sinking underwater. If your design does not work the first time, they could refine their original design and try again to win a prize. They were given leaflets with information about Dallas ISD fields this year to students interested.

Thanks to the volunteers Ed Bull, Amy Gow, John Harkins, and Danya Casey for their outstanding assistance in the event.